What Is the Summary of “Priscilla and the Wimps”?

“Priscilla and the Wimps” by Richard Peck approaches the issue of bullying in a public school setting. Priscilla, a large student at her school, befriends a smaller boy named Melvin, who is often bullied by a group of students led by Monk Klutter. Throughout the story, Priscilla and Melvin conflict with Monk and his group until the end of the story, where Priscilla stuffs Monk into her locker and leaves him there.

Monk’s group of bullies, the Kobras, represent a very typical group of school bullies. They often accost other weaker students and take their lunch money, threaten violence and use scare tactics to control them. Melvin, a small, weaker boy, is continuously bullied by Monk and the Kobras, until Priscilla steps in to help him. Priscilla represents a level of protection for the weaker students. She is large physically, but also does not hold the fear of Monk and the other bullies that the other students carry.

The story ends with Priscilla getting so angry with Monk that she stuffs him in her locker and turns the lock, closing him inside. Consequently, there is a snow storm that evening, and the school is closed for an entire week, with Monk still locked inside.