What Is a Summary of “A Matter of Trust” by Anne Schraff?

“A Matter of Trust” by Anne Schraff is a novel about two childhood girlfriends. When one of the girls finds a new group of friends in high school, the two become enemies, according to Scholastic.

Protagonist Brisana Meeks considers her former friend Darcy Wills’ new friends as losers. She calls them “Zeros.” Brisana and Darcy’s long-term friendship turns into a bitter rivalry. Darcy attempts to ignore Brisana so Darcy can focus on problems at home. Darcy’s father abandoned the family, her mother works nights, and Darcy takes care of her grandmother and younger sister. When Brisana tries to steal Darcy’s stuttering boyfriend, Hakeem Randall, Darcy must confront Brisana, according to Moore Teens Unite, the young adult blog of the Moore Memorial Public Library in Texas City, Texas.

“A Matter of Trust” is the sequel to “Lost and Found.” Both books are part of the Bluford High series published by the Townsend Press and distributed by Scholastic, and are read by students in grades 5 to 9. The main theme of “A Matter of Trust” is learning whom one can trust, says Moore Teens Unite. Other themes are love, friendship, family, abandonment, betrayal, peer pressure, violence and jealousy among American urban teenagers.

Anne Schraff, author of the five books in the Bluford Series, has written hundreds of stories and more than 80 published books, including historical fiction, biographies, science, histories and young adult fiction.