What Is a Summary of “My Father, Sun Sun Johnson”?

In the story “My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson,” Rami Johnson tells the tale of how his father, Sun-Sun, has lost his entire fortune and business to his chief rival, Jake Hibberston. At the story’s conclusion, Sun-Sun sacrifices his life for Hibberston’s.

Sun-Sun Johnson, who once was very wealthy, has a habit of making very bad business decisions. These decisions cost him his money, his home and his family, with the exception being his son Rami. He loses these to the benefit of rival businessman Jake Hibberston, who claims Sun-Sun’s home and marries Sun-Sun’s ex-wife. Due to his losses, Sun-Sun must move his son and himself to a new home, River Bottom. While they are there, Sun-Sun begins to start over. He goes on to live a fulfilling life despite continuing to make poor business choices. One day, a gut feeling takes Sun-Sun to Hibberston’s home, where he sees that a fire has broken out. Sun-Sun saves Hibberston’s life, but dies in the blaze.

“My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson” was written by C. Everard Palmer in 1984. Palmer, who died in 2013, is considered one of Jamaica’s top writers of children’s literature. He wrote over 15 books, the final being “A Time To Say Goodbye,” which is billed as the final chapter of the character of Rami.