How Do You Submit a Car to Be on “Overhaulin'” With Chip Foose?

“Overhaulin'” and Chip Foose’s team are no longer accepting submissions for new projects on the show, as of 2015. The final season of “Overhaulin’,” which ran for five seasons on TLC and four seasons on Velocity and Discovery, begins November 2015.

When Chip Foose and the “Overhaulin'” team accept submissions for potential overhauling, Foose usually posts an announcement and a link to the “Overhaulin'” application on, with simultaneous tweets and Facebook posts to encourage applicants.

Applications are virtual or PDF, and the PDF version is approximately four pages long. There are three main sections. The first section asks for information about the car, such as history, any associated problems, model, make and year.

The second section of the application requests biographical details about the “mark,” or the person whose car needs overhauling. The third section concerns the “accomplice,” or the person submitting the application. An applicant must supply his age, name, occupation, address and the names of any fellow accomplices.

“Overhaulin'” requires at least fifteen photos of the mark’s car, with three each of the car’s interior, its exterior, full picture of the car, pictures of the mark and the applicant. The application packet can be sent via snail mail to a corresponding “Overhaulin'” address in Valley Village, California.

Although “Overhaulin'” has run on two networks since its debut in 2004, there is no word as of 2015 whether another network intends to pick up the show for future seasons.