Why Do We Study Geometry?

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Studying geometry helps students improve logic, problem solving and deductive reasoning skills. The study of geometry provides many benefits, and unlike some other complex mathematical disciplines, geometry has many practical and daily applications. It is used in art, engineering, sports, cars, architecture and much more.

Since geometry deals with space and shapes, it is easy to see why it has many applications in the life of an average person as opposed to algebra or calculus, which are typically only used by those going into math-related fields.

One reason geometry is studied is to improve visual ability. Most people think in terms of shapes and sizes, and understanding geometry helps improve reasoning in this area.

The ability to think in three-dimensional terms is another reason to study geometry. The idea behind two and three dimensions as they relate to shapes is something derived from the study of geometry. The shapes people most often deal with in the world are three-dimensional shapes. Understanding the size and space of these shapes is something taught by geometry.

At some point, nearly everyone has to figure out the size of a three-dimensional shape. Rooms, houses, vehicle trunk space, furniture and yards are all examples of three-dimensional shapes encountered in everyday life.