What Does a Student Council Historian Do?

The primary duties of the student council historian are to be in charge of all of the materials from past student councils and to continue to collect and curate files, photographs and any other important documents. Essentially, the historian’s primary duty is to compile a record of the council’s activities for the benefit of current and future members. The job duties may vary depending on the institution and general needs of the student council.

Generally, it is up to the historian to be knowledgeable about past and current activities of the council. Additionally, the position requires someone who is well organized, accurate and dependable. In very small student councils, there may not be one person with the sole role of historian. In some cases, it will be the vice president who will take on the additional responsibility of keeping track of records. In a school with many students, however, there may be a historian and a historian-elect who is tasked with assisting the primary historian in any way needed.