What Are Some of the Struggles Faced by Mexican Immigrants?

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The ABA Journal describes the various struggles Mexican immigrants encounter when coming to the United States, including language barriers that prevent them from defending themselves in court and tough immigration laws. The ABA further explains that deportation is a major concern for many of these immigrants.

The Immigrant Learning Center explains that although Mexicans have been an integral part of the culture of the United States for 200 years, they still face many of the same prejudices that European immigrants once faced when they arrived on American shores. Mexican immigrants are often derided for not speaking English when they arrive.

An article in the Santa Maria Times explains that not only do Mexican immigrants who arrive in the United States under illegal status face unique issues of their own, but their children suffer as a result as well. The article mentions that more than 5 million children of illegal immigrants in the United States are significantly more likely to experience academic difficulties and emotional distress as a result of their parents’ legal status. Additionally, children of illegal immigrants who were born in the United States have to face concerns that their parents will be deported and forced to return to Mexico.