What Are Some of the Strongest Brands of Adhesive Tape?

Gorilla, Duck Max Strength, T-Rex, Nashua 357 and Polyken 231 are some of the strongest brands of adhesive tape. Gorilla is 17 mils thick, with a strong mesh that holds up to 101 pounds securely. Duck Max Strength is thinner at 11.5 mils, but still holds up to 62 pounds and is easier to tear in a clean, straight line.

Gorilla is one of the strongest adhesive tapes available, but because of its thickness, it is less malleable than other brands and is harder to tear. It is too stiff to wrap tightly around corners, but has an adhesive strength of more than 80 pounds when stuck to wood and masonry.

Duck Max Strength is a strong, general use co-extruded tape in which the scrim is melted directly into the polyethylene sheet backing, forming a unified material that is less likely to separate in harsh conditions. Thinner than Gorilla, Duck Max Strength is easier to cut and manipulate but still has an adhesive strength of more than 50 pounds.

T-Rex tape, while just as thick as Gorilla, is not as strong, with less adhesive and material strength. Nashua 357 is nearly as strong as Gorilla but does not perform as well in high heat. Polyken 231 performs well in extreme temperatures, especially on glass, but loses its tack on wood and pulls paint off of surfaces when removed.