What Do the Stripes on the Flag Mean?

Mike Mozart/CC-BY 2.0

The stripes that are present on the flag of the United States are representative of the original 13 colonies that existed in the U.S. The red stripes represent the hardiness and valor that was used to get the U.S. to where it is. The white stripes represent the innocence and purity that exists in the country.

The stars that are present in the flag also have a symbolic meaning. They are representative of the 50 states that exist in the U.S. There have been many different designs and purposes for the stars that are on the flag. As states have been added to the U.S., stars have been added and rearranged in order to make them fit properly on the flag. The blue that is present behind the stars represents the vigilance, perseverance and justice that the U.S. offers to its citizens. Since the creation of the first flag by Betsy Ross in Philadelphia, the flag has undergone many changes. Although it has remained the same colors, it has had several different designs. There are also many adornments, such as gold edging, that can be added to the flag to commemorate certain moments or to represent certain triumphs.