How Do You Strip a Perm From Your Hair?

There are different methods to remove permanent chemicals from the hair. Some of these methods include shampooing, a visit to a hair salon and hot oil treatment.

When choosing the shampooing method to remove a perm from the hair, start by shampooing the hair thoroughly. If it has been more than four days since the perm, use a straightening shampoo and conditioner. Repeated shampooing will eventually remove the perm and soften the hair. If the perm was done at a professional hair salon, it is best to consult the stylist before attempting to remove the chemicals from the hair.

Using a hot oil treatment to strip a perm is done by soaking cotton balls in coconut or olive oil that has been heated in the stove or microwave. Gently massage the hair to the roots with the oil-soaked cotton balls. Make sure to reach the hair follicles. Wrap the oiled hair in plastic, wear a shower cap or wrap a towel over the top of the hair. Leave the hair this way, overnight if possible. Shampoo the hair the next day and repeat this method 2 or 3 times. The oil will relax the curl and strip the chemical perm out of the hair.