How Do You Stretch a Straw Hat?

Ron Bambridge/Caiaimage/Getty Images

To resize a straw hat, you need a large bowl filled with warm water, a wig head or other round object and T-pins to hold the hat in place. Allow at least 24 hours to complete resizing.

  1. Wet the hat in warm water

    Completely and evenly soak the straw hat in warm water to make it more pliable.

  2. Use a round object to resize the hat

    Use a Styrofoam wig head or some other round object that measures the size you wish the hat to be when finished. If the object is too small, increase the diameter by pinning craft foam around it.

  3. Place the hat over the wig head

    Gently place the wet hat on top of the wig head or round object, and make sure it fits snugly. Pin it in place with T-pins.

  4. Shape the hat, and allow it to dry

    While the hat is still damp, shape the brim and crown to get rid of any abnormalities. Allow the hat to dry completely before removing it from the wig head.