What Are the Street Names in Monopoly?

Bjorn Andren/Nordic Photos/Getty Images

In the classic Monopoly version from the United States, the street names are named Mediterranean Avenue, Baltic Avenue, Oriental Avenue, Vermont Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, Saint Charles Place, States Avenue, Virginia Avenue, Saint James Place, Tennessee Avenue, New York Avenue, Kentucky Avenue, Indiana Avenue, Illinois Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor Avenue, Marvin Gardens, Pacific Avenue, North Carolina Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Park Place, and Boardwalk.

The streets are not the only properties in Monopoly. There are other properties that function differently than the way the street properties do. The first group is called the railroads. They are called Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, B&O Railroad and Short Line Railroad. There are also two properties called the Electric Company and the Water Company.

In Monopoly, the goal is to obtain enough properties to form a monopoly of properties and then cause your opponents to run out of money and property and have to declare bankruptcy. In the versions of the board game released in the United Kingdom, the street names have entirely different names.

The Monopoly board game was first released by the Parker Brothers in 1933. The game was first conceived even earlier in 1903 by a woman named Elizabeth Magie Phillips who wanted to create a board game that would explain why putting to much property in a monopoly is a bad idea, as it causes other important businesses to go bankrupt.