What Are Some Strategies to Win at Tri-Peaks Solitaire Games?

Some strategies for winning at Tri-Peaks Solitaire are maximizing points by moving cards to the waste pile, clearing the peaks and having cards remaining in the stock when the game is won while avoiding undoing moves and winning the game as quickly as possible. The timer starts at 5,000 points and decreases 10 points every second the game is played. The faster the game is won, the more bonus points are received.

The Tri-Peaks Solitaire game consists of the basic premise of classic solitaire using three pyramids of cards that must be removed to reach the highest scoring peak. Build chains up or down from the card on top of the pile, regardless of suit. Try to create a long chain to maximize points.

Strategies for winning Tri-Peaks solitaire rest on receiving the most points in the least amount of time and clearing the peaks. To earn maximum points, place cards in the discard pile and clear each of the card peaks. Earn bonus points from the points remaining on the timer. A hundred points are earned for each card remaining in the stock and for each card that is in the discard pile. Every move that is undone removes 50 points.