What Is the Story of Jesus and Lazarus?

The story of Jesus and Lazarus is a Bible story about a miracle of Jesus found in the book of John, in which Jesus brings a dead man named Lazarus back to life. After Lazarus’ death, Jesus traveled to the location of Lazarus’ body and called for Lazarus to walk out of the tomb.

In the story, Lazarus suffers from an illness. Lazarus has two sisters, and the sisters send word to Jesus of Lazarus’ illness. The sisters want Jesus to come and cure Lazarus of his illness.

Jesus does not come to Lazarus right away, and Lazarus dies. Although word travels to Jesus that Lazarus died, Jesus decides to travel to Judea anyways. He tells his disciples that Lazarus fell asleep, and the confused disciples think that Lazarus is only physically sleeping.

When Jesus arrives, one of the sisters tells Jesus that she wished that Jesus arrived sooner so that he could cure Lazarus before he died. The woman says that she knows Lazarus has resurrection to look forward to, but Jesus says that his plan is for Lazarus to rise again immediately. He travels to Lazarus’ tomb and removes the stone in front of the tomb. Jesus calls out, “Lazarus, come out,” and the man emerges, still wearing the wrappings from his burial.