What Is the Story Behind the Cape Cod Bracelet?

The Cape Cod bracelet, a simple silver bracelet adorned with a golden ball, was developed by jewelry artist John Carey, co-owner of Eden Hand Arts in Dennis, Mass. Also called the “Cape Cod Screwball” or “Dennis Screwball,” the bracelet is still made and sold exclusively by Eden Hand Arts. The shop also sells matching earrings and necklaces.

Eden Hand Arts sold the first Cape Cod bracelets in 1968. For decades, they were popular with locals and regular tourists, but were rarely seen outside Cape Cod. According to the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, demand for the Cape Cod bracelet increased when television actress Amy Jo Johnson wore one on the drama series “Felicity.” Johnson’s character wore the bracelet constantly for the program’s first two seasons, and Eden Hand Arts was soon besieged with orders.

Until 2008, John Carey made each bracelet by hand and personally fitted them to each customer. Eventually the bracelets became so popular that the Careys moved their store to a larger building, although the shop is still a modest size. Eden Hand Arts does not advertise, and its owners are reluctant to give interviews. The store only accepts cash and checks, and staff members personally fit each customer. In addition to the original Cape Cod bracelet, Eden Hand Arts now sells several other similar designs, including one with multiple metal balls.