What Stores Sell Zoya Nail Polish?

Zoya nail polish is sold in professional salons and spas around the United States and online at Zoya.com. Find your nearest local retailer by searching the store locator at Zoya.com and entering the zip code.

For wider search results, only use the first three digits of the zip code; this will lead to more location possibilities.

Zoya is an award-winning nail polish brand, providing long-lasting wear with a non-toxic formula. The polish is vegan friendly and free of formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate, as well as toleune and camphor.

With over 300 color options, the saturated shades suit almost any personality and flatter a wide range of skin tones.

Zoya’s color categories can be searched by warm or cool undertones, making it easy to find the perfect match. Some favorite colors include Dakota, a true deep red, and Dot, a pale pink cream. Its self-leveling formula and medium thickness ensures easy application and smooth coverage, while its narrow brush enhances precision when applying to small toenails.

Though slightly more expensive than most professional-quality nail polish brands, customers love Zoya’s unique, stylish color collections and high-quality formula. An application of Zoya nail polish lasts approximately one week and provides professional salon-quality results that can be achieved at home. To speed drying time, finish by applying the Seche Vite top coat.