What Stores Sell Sikkens Deck Stains?

Some stores that sell Sikkens deck stain are Home Depot and the Wood Stain & Finish Supply Center. Customers can also find authorized dealers by visiting the Perfect Wood Stain website.

At the Perfect Wood Stain site, find an authorized dealer of Sikkens deck stain and finish products by using the store locator function. Search by city, state and ZIP code to find the nearest store in the community. The different products offered in the Sikkens line of deck stains and finishes include Sikkens’ Rubbol solid stains, Cetol Dek finish and Cetol SRD semi-transparent stains.

Customers can also buy Sikkens deck stain by ordering it online from Home Depot. There are over 20 deck stains and finishes available at this site. Free shipping is available to the customer’s home on orders over $45.00, as of 2015. Shipping is also free if a customer wishes to pick up the product at a designated store.

The Wood Stain & Supply Center also sells these products through its online store. This site provides a lot of information on the specific products through its FAQ page, product data sheets and application guides. For example, the FAQ page provides answers to questions, such as whether Rubbol stain can be applied to decks that are already stained and the rules for applying the Cetol Dek Finish system.