What Stores Sell Prefabricated Concrete Steps?

Retail stores that sell prefabricated concrete steps include Lowe’s, True Value and The Home Depot. The model and size of prefabricated concrete steps vary, and some store locations may not have any in stock. Prefabricated stairs sold in stores are designed to meet safety standards for residential use.

Prefabricated concrete steps are commonly used for front and back porch steps or to create a step path up a hill to a residence. Pre-made steps manufactured by Century Group, Inc. are found at some home improvement store locations, but most concrete steps are made by companies such as Shea Concrete Products. Homeowners who need steps for do-it-yourself home improvement projects might need to purchase more than one concrete step unit to build steps that reach the door. Construction companies have more options when ordering prefabricated steps from manufacturers. For instance, Shea Concrete Products step choices include standard models, banking steps and brick steps with concrete accents.

Prefabricated steps that use concrete materials are lightweight due to manufacturing methods at the production plant. Steps are hollow inside, and weight is evenly distributed among step blocks, eliminating gaps and mortar joints. Due to their lighter weight, these steps are easier to move into place. Pre-cast steps sold in stores are usually light in color and have one, two or five steps.