What Stores Sell Natural Carob Products?

Grocery stores such as Albertsons, Whole Foods Market, Ralph’s, Kroger and Trader Joe’s carry natural carob products under the Bob’s Red Mill brand name. Online retailer Amazon.com also carries a wide variety of natural carob products.

Carob is available in most of the same forms as chocolate. Carob chips, bars and powder are readily available in the health or natural foods section of most grocery stores, including Target and Walmart Superstores. Bob’s Red Mill is a common brand name. Chatfield’s and SunSpire are also available in many areas.

Online retailers Amazon.com and Vitacost.com both have a good selection of carob and products made with carob. Bulk carob power is available through FrontierCoop.com. Eden Foods makes an organic carob-flavored soymilk that is available in natural foods stores and on its website, EdenFoods.com.

Carob is often used as a replacement for chocolate in confections and recipes. Like chocolate, carob grows in pods on trees, but there are key differences between the two. While chocolate contains caffeine, carob does not. Carob is also lower in fat and calories than chocolate and higher in fiber. While most premium chocolate uses cocoa butter to produce a creamy texture, carob products are usually made with palm oil or another fat.