What Stores Sell Lestoil Products?

HomeDepot.com sells Lestoil concentrated heavy-duty cleaner that comes as a 48-ounce bottle, and it is used for removing heavy-duty household stains on counters, carpets, appliances, walls and floors. The product is used to power out laundry stains such as oil, ink, food grass and grease stains. Lestoil concentrated heavy-duty cleaner also removes fresh paint and tar on garage floors.

Acehardware.com sells Lestoil cleaner that works to remove grease from floors, with an exception of wax floors. The product is not used for bleaching and comes with a 30-day money guarantee policy.

Lestoil concentrated heavy duty cleaner from Amazon.com is a 28-ounce liquid packed in a bottle and used for removing stains such as oil, tar and grease. It also works as a solvent for kitchen walls, appliances, carpet and floor stains. Lestoil concentrated heavy-duty cleaner can also be used on garage floors and greasy surfaces.

Walmart sells Lestoil concentrated heavy-duty cleaner with pine scent. This product is an all-purpose detergent with high performance on most dirty surfaces. The product is sold in a case containing 12 bottles, each containing 28 ounces. This product is recommended for living areas.

Lowe’s sells a Lestoil 48 ounces degreaser that works well on carpets, kitchen walls and appliances stains. The product is a heavy-duty cleaner. As such, it is recommended for heavy-duty household stains.