What Stores Sell Hershey’s Ice Cream?

Alexandra Grablewski/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Hershey’s Ice Cream is served in over 25 states and 26,000 locations around the country, as of 2015. Hershey’s Ice Cream can be found in states east of Louisiana, Illinois and Wisconsin in privately owned stores or chain supermarkets.

Hershey’s Ice Cream currently does not have any exclusive stocking deals with any retail or grocery chains, as of July 2015. Most of the stores that stock Hershey’s Ice Cream and any of its related products are given access to it by way of private contract. Currently, Hershey’s is offering the materials for C-Stores as well as central retailers and supermarkets around the Northeast of the United States of America. However, the specific products differ between these places; Hershey’s is offering grab-n-go products to C-Stores and its full line of pints, half-gallons, sherbets and ice cream cakes in over 35 flavors to the supermarket chains who are interested.

There is a store locator on the Hershey’s Ice Cream website to track down which stores are selling its products. The service area for these products stretches from the Northeast into Ohio and Michigan, as well as a small area in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Hershey’s Ice Cream branch locations are less spread out and focused mainly in the Northeast, centered around Virginia and Pennsylvania.