What Stores Sell Faygo?

Faygo can be found in grocery stores and specialty soda shops all over the United States. Originally only found in Michigan, the Detroit company has expanded availability to the regions of the United States that lie east of the Mississippi, due to the popularity increase in specialty and old-fashioned sodas.

Faygo soda pop was founded by two brothers in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1920s. Faygo is still created and bottled in Detroit, at the same location where the company’s bottleworks was founded in 1935. Original flavors included grape, fruit punch and strawberry, although they have been expanded to over 30 different flavors. The term “pop” was coined by Faygo to describe their carbonated beverages, and Michiganders now use the vernacular to describe all soda.

Another famous soda discovery from Michigan was ginger ale. Supposedly, a drugstore owner accidentally discovered ginger ale when trying to invent a non-alcoholic version of ginger beer, which used to be imported from Ireland.

The history of the soda shop started in 1900s with the creation of the soda fountain that was found in most drugstores. Today, there are specialty soda shops located all over the country that celebrate the tradition by selling new and old-fashioned sodas.