What Are Some Stores That Sell Clark Candy Bars?

Clark candy bars are available for purchase on Amazon.com, TheCandyLandStore.com and OldTimeCandy.com. In addition, Necco, the manufacturer of Clark candy bars, sells the bars on its website, Necco.com, as of 2016. Customers can order the bars using the Buy Now link on the website’s Clark bar page.

Amazon.com offers a range of different packaging options for the Clark bars that it sells, including bulk packs of 24 bars, tubs of 100 mini-size bars and 11-ounce bags of mini-size bars. It also sells the Clark bar in a mini version in a theater candy box. Amazon offers reviews of the candy bar from existing customers and often gives shipping discounts to customers whose purchases meet specific levels.

TheCandyLandStore.com offers individual Clark bars, tubs of bars, bulk boxes of whole bars, mini bars and bite-sized Clark bites. The website sells buyers the option to create accounts for faster re-ordering of their favorite products.

OldTimeCandy.com offers miniature Clark bars in tubs and bulk bags and full-size bars in cases or individually. In addition, it sells the Clark bar along with other candy bars in a chocolate lover’s gift box or glass candy jar assortment. The website offers special flat-rate shipping rates regardless of the size of the order.