What Stores Sell Campden Tablets?

Campden tablets, otherwise known as potassium metabisulfite tablets, are sold in beer and wine making stores, such as EC Kraus. Typically, Campden tablets are purchased online because of their lack of availability in stores. They are also available for purchase at Midwest Supplies stores.

Campden tablets release sulfur dioxide when added to a liquid. When used in beer and wine making, Campden is added approximately 24 hours before yeast is added to rid the liquid of any mold or bacteria prior to beginning the fermentation process. Campden is also used as a sanitizer for beer making equipment, and can be used in vessels, glasses, hoses and wine bottles. Approximately 1/16 of a teaspoon of potassium metabisulfite will affect 75 parts per million of sulfur dioxide in each gallon of wine or beer.

Because laws for beer and wine making vary between states, Campden tablets may not be available in some areas. However, the tablets are readily available for purchase through online outlets. Different laws do vary by state, and a buyer should be familiar with the laws in their state before purchasing beer or wine making supplies. Each 8-ounce jar of Campden is expected to aid in the making of 500 gallons of wine, or can be used as 32 gallons of sanitizing solution.