What Stores Cut Plexiglass Sheets to Size?

Ace Hardware stores cut plexiglass sheets to size. Dulles Glass and Mirror sells cut-to-size plexiglass in parts of Maryland, northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. Professional Plastics and TAP Plastics, Inc. also sell cut-to-size plexiglass sheets.

Ace Hardware Corporation sells Plaskolite extruded acrylic sheets. Customers can order plexiglass online for pick-up at a local store. To confirm that a location offers glass and acrylic cutting service, enter a ZIP code in the Store Locator search bar on the home page of the company website, choose a local store, and click on the See All Services tab at the bottom of the store’s webpage.

Dulles Glass and Mirror sells cut-to-size square and rectangular acrylic glass in 1/8- and 1/4-inch thicknesses. The company can cut within 1/8 inch, and it requires customers to enter all dimensions in inches. Dulles Glass and Mirror offers delivery within its service area, and it operates showrooms in Manassas, Virginia and Silver Spring, Maryland.

Professional Plastics offers a large selection of cut-to-size plexiglass sheeting, including Acrylite brand-name products, forming-grade plexiglass sheets and framing-grade sheets. The selection includes non-glare, stippled, patterned, bullet-resistant and edge-lit plexiglass sheets. The company operates locations in Georgia, Texas, California, Colorado and Montana. It also has stores in Utah, New York, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Ohio. Professional Plastics operates international branches in Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, Africa, Central America and South America.

TAP Plastics operates stores in California, Oregon and Washington. The company sells a variety of clear and colored plexiglass sheets, as well as extruded and cast acrylic. TAP Plastics provides shipping services for online orders.