Which Stores Carry Tommie Copper Merchandise?

Tommie Copper products are sold online and in select The Vitamin Shoppe stores in the United States. A store locator search is available on the company’s website. Amazon and other online stores also offer Tommie Copper merchandise.

Tommie Copper offers a range of compression garments and accessories for men and women. All of the company’s products feature a proprietary fabric, CopperZnergy, that is infused with copper and zinc. The fabric provides UV protection rated at UPF 50+ and removes odors triggered by microbes. As of 2015, Tommie Copper offers two lines, Recovery and Performance.

The Recovery line offers support for better circulation and relief from body aches. The company recommends this line for light to moderate activity levels. The Performance line is targeted for moderate to intense exercise. Performance garments are constructed to better complement the movement of the body.

Tank tops, T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts are available for men and women. Full-zip jackets are also offered in sizes for both genders. Tommie Copper also sells leggings, shorts and capris for men and women. Women have the additional bottom option of a skort. Compression sleeves are available for arms, legs, knees and elbows. In the accessories category, the company also offers gloves and socks.