Which Stores Carry Replacement Parts for the Bella Triple Slow Cooker?

Replacement parts for the Bella triple slow cooker are not sold by retail stores or online shops and can only be found by contacting Bella Company at 1-866-832-4843. Bella customer service representatives can answer consumer questions concerning part model numbers and cost of replacement parts.

Bella triple slow cooker replacement parts that consumers commonly seek include 2.5 quart stoneware pots that sit inside the three compartments and pot lids. Other parts that may be damaged or lost and need replacing are control dials and serving spoon rests that come with the unit.

Bella’s triple slow cooker is a good choice for buffet meals, because it allows cooks to prepare three different dishes at the same time. The base unit is made out of stainless steel, while the three cooking pots are ceramic. Each pot has its own knob for setting cooking times, which include low, high and warm temperature settings. The stoneware can be cleaned in a sink or dishwasher, and each lid is made of tempered glass.

Reviews on Amazon for the Bella triple slow cooker are mostly positive, and some reviewers enjoy using it for holiday meals. Some reviewers, however, are dissatisfied that one pot out of three is defective.