What Stores Carry LCR Dice Games?

Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Amazon.com all carry the LCR dice games. In-store availability and stock can be determined by calling the customer’s local location. Phone numbers can be obtained by using the store’s store finder links on the official websites of these companies.

LCR, otherwise referred to as Left Center Right, is a George & Company, LLC game developed in 1992. The gameplay is entirely based on chance and there is no decision-making involved.

Gameplay is very simple. Each player takes turn rolling the six-sided dice. Each die is labeled with an L, C, or an R on three sides, and a dot on the three remaining sides. For each L or R that is tossed, the player passes one chip to the player to his left or right. If a C is rolled, a chip is placed in the center. A dot does nothing.

If a player has less than three chips left, the game is not over for him, although the number of chips determine how many dice the player can roll on his turn. When all players except one run out of chips, the game is over and the remaining player is the winner. The winner of the round collects the chips in the pot and a new round begins.