What Stores Carry Heelys?

Dan Taylor/CC-BY 2.0

As of 2014, Heelys skate shoes are available at Finish Line, Sport Chalet, Journeys Kidz, Robert Wayne, Bob’s Stores, B Wild, Brooks Shoes and Howard’s Shoes for Kids. Heelys also are available for purchase online through the manufacturer’s website at the Heelys Shop.

Heelys can also be purchased at Shoe City, Skates on Haight, Paragon, Eurostar, Fox Web Stores, Inline Warehouse, Skechers and select Big Five Sporting Goods and Academy locations, as 0f 2014.

Created by Roger Adams in 1999, Heelys are shoes with either one or two easily removable wheels located in the heel. Because two-wheel Heelys offer more stability, they are well-suited for beginning skaters. Heelys wearers can transition from walking to skating quickly by shifting their body weight to their heels. When the wheel or wheels are removed, Heelys function like regular shoes.