What Stores Buy Used Furniture?

Used furniture dealers and antique dealers buy some types of high-quality used furniture. Consignment shops do not buy furniture directly; rather, they handle selling it for the customer.

Used furniture dealers buy and sell secondhand furniture. Some specialize in a particular brand or type of furniture, while others sell all varieties. They are usually only interested in furniture that is easily able to be resold and do not purchase worn, dirty, torn or broken furniture. They also may reject furniture that has been around cigarette smoke.

Antique dealers generally are only interested in certain types of pieces. They look for older, collectible furniture. They may be willing to overlook some minor damage depending on the quality of the item.

Consignment stores only take on items they think can sell, but they may be more flexible because they do not put up the money themselves. They decide on a price based on the value of the item and put it for sale in the store. When it sells, they keep a portion of the proceeds and give the rest to the owner. These are not a good option for people who need cash immediately, but may be the most lucrative way to sell furniture overall.