What Are Some Stores That Buy Used Computers?

Some stores that buy used computers or accept a trade-in for them include Best Buy, GameStop, Radio Shack and Target. There are also online stores that let people sell their used computers, such as Amazon and eBay.

One of the best ways to get cash for used computers is by selling them online. Amazon is a good resource, since the computer is listed alongside other new and used computers of that same model. Users decide if they want to purchase one of the used computers. It is important to include details about the current condition of the computer when listing it on Amazon.

Sites like eBay offer the option of selling the computer to buyers for a listed price or having an auction for the used computer where different people bid on it. A minimum bid can be set. Craigslist transactions allow local people to pick up the computer after looking at it and testing to see that it works.

Stores like Best Buy and GameStop might give some cash for the computers, but many locations only accept them as trade ins. If the used computer isn’t in good condition, Best Buy takes it as a recycled product. Contact the store ahead of time to find out if it gives compensation when recycling an old computer.