Why Was “Storage Wars: Texas” Cancelled?

As of January 2016, there is no reasons cited by A&E Network as to why “Storage Wars: Texas” was cancelled. It is speculated that too much similarity between the original show, “Storage Wars,” and its spin-off as one of the reason for the show’s cancellation. “Storage Wars: Texas” was a popular A&E Network TV reality show.

On the same lines as the original, “Storage Wars: Texas” consisted of professional buyers bidding for items in storage lockers with unpaid rent dues. The buyers were only allowed to inspect the items in the storage locker for five minutes. The successful bidder gets the content of the locker. The episodes also showed successful bidders inspecting their items and estimating if they made profit or not. Walt Cade, Ricky Smith, Clinton “Bubba” Smith and Jerry Simpson are some professional buyers who often appeared on the show.

“Storage Wars: Texas” premiered on Dec. 6, 2001, on A&E. The first season had 16 episodes. The first episode of the show was the most watched in A&E Network’s history. It had 4.1 million viewers.

The show was renewed for two more seasons. Second season had 34 episodes and third season had 28 episodes. The show was not renewed for the fourth season. The final episode aired on Jan. 7, 2014. Thoms Beers narrated the show.