When Do You Stop Paying Child Support in PA?

In Pennsylvania, a parent is required to pay child support until the child receiving support reaches the age of 18. There are a few conditions that apply that would allow the child support order to continue past age 18.

According to the Pennsylvania Code, a parent paying child support receives a copy of a notice six months before a child support order is scheduled to terminate. The original notice is sent to the parent receiving the payments. This notice seeks to verify items such as graduation date, residence of the child and other information to ensure the child is no longer a dependent of the parent receiving child support. Parents have thirty days to respond, and the order is terminated if no response is received.

This process takes place if and only if there are no other children for whom a parent pays child support under the same order or there are no children under the order designated as special needs. Otherwise, the child who is no longer dependent is dropped from the order and a modification of the order takes place accordingly, says Pennsylvania Code.