How Do You Stiffen Paper?

In order to stiffen paper, coat both sides of the paper with a fabric stiffening product. Allow the product to dry overnight.

A number of crafts, such as doily streamers and paper snowflakes, call for stiffened paper. Paper is fairly easy to stiffen using the following steps.

  1. Flatten the paper
  2. If the paper has folds in it, heat up an iron to a low setting so that it is warm and not hot. Use it to gently flatten the creases.

  3. Coat the paper with fabric stiffener
  4. Use a fabric stiffening product, such as spray starch or a roll-on stiffener, to coat both sides of the paper.

  5. Let the stiffener dry
  6. Leave the paper to dry overnight.

Projects such as doily bowls call for a harder surface than fabric stiffener can offer. Crafters can use glue to stiffen paper in these projects using the following steps.

  1. Mix glue with water
  2. Dilute white glue with water.

  3. Brush glue onto the paper
  4. Use a paintbrush to brush the glue mixture onto both sides of the paper.

  5. Shape the paper
  6. Shape the paper over a balloon to give it its shape.

  7. Layer the paper
  8. Crafters using thin or delicate paper such as doilies should layer the paper by brushing more of the glue mixture onto the form, adding a layer of paper and then brushing over the paper.

  9. Let the glue dry
  10. Let the glue dry completely, then remove the form.