How Do You Get Sticky Labels Off Metal?

Remove sticky labels from metal by heating the label with a blow dryer, peeling it off with a spatula, and treating the sticky residue with a vinegar solution. Materials for the project include a blow dryer, a paper towel, tape, a spatula, a cotton ball, vinegar and metal cleaner.

  1. Heat the label

    Turn on the blow dryer. Hold it 3 inches from the label, heating it until it begins to peel off.

  2. Peel away the label

    Once the label loosens, turn off the blow dryer. Carefully wedge a spatula or plastic card under the label, and pry it off. Now, you should only have sticky residue from the label left.

  3. Treat the sticky residue

    Soak a cotton ball with white vinegar. Place it over the sticky residue, and allow the adhesive to absorb the vinegar for several minutes.

  4. Rub away the residue

    Remove the cotton ball. Wipe away the sticky residue with a dry paper towel.

  5. Spray the area with cleaner

    Clean away any remaining streaks from the area by spraying metal cleaner or a cleaner that can be used on metals onto the area.

  6. Wipe down the surface

    Wipe away the cleaner, and buff the area with a clean cloth.