Who Has Steve Perry Dated?

As of 2015, Steve Perry has publicly confirmed two previous relationships with Sherrie Swafford and Kellie Nash. Perry’s relationship with Swafford began in the 1980s, during his time with the band Journey. Due to Journey’s touring demands and success, the couple ended the relationship. In 2015, Perry revealed that he dated Kellie Nash for nearly two years before she passed away from breast cancer.

In the late 1990s, Perry left Journey after becoming burned out from the music industry and became reclusive. Perry explained that Nash was a psychologist and largely helped bring him back to the public. In 2014, Perry performed once again after an almost 20 year hiatus. Perry confirmed the decision came as a result of personal changes, including the loss of Nash. Perry also explained that Nash’s wish was to hear him sing once again.

Perry’s return performance took place in St. Paul, Minnesota with an indie rock band called, Eels. Perry performed one of the band’s songs along with some Journey hits. He continued to perform with the Eels for a few more shows, singing the same songs in other venues. During a December 2015 radio interview, Perry explained that he spent most of 2015 in the studio working on a new solo album.