Is Steve Gonsalves Married?

Steve Gonsalves is not married as of December 2015 but is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Alyce Haynes of Salem, Virginia. Gonsalves is famous for producing the paranormal-themed TV shows “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Hungers Academy” and “The World Within” on the Syfy channel.

Gonsalves became interested in paranormal research at 16, forming the New England Paranormal investigation group in 2001 to investigate haunted places in the northeast. He also co-founded the TAPS Paramagazine, a magazine dedicated to paranormal activity. Some interesting facts about Gonsalves is that he does not eat seafood, is scared of spiders and used to be a police officer. Haynes runs a bridal boutique store in Virginia and is a dog lover.