What Steps Are Required to Print a Verizon Return Label?

Verizon account holders can print a return shipping label two ways: by requesting one from a Verizon representative or by logging on to the My Verizon account feature on the main webpage and printing a label from the order history section.

In order to login to My Verizon, users must already have a plan with the company. Users enter their ID or mobile numbers to sign into the My Verizon feature. Then, users can access their order history to print the appropriate return shipping label. The return shipping label is pre-addressed and prepaid and must be posted on the outside of the package. Verizon recommends that account holders keep a copy of the shipping label for proof of shipment and tracking information.

To return a package or product, the merchandise must be in like-new condition and must be packaged in its original box or shipping container. To receive a refund from Verizon, users must return an undamaged product and follow all return or exchange procedures outlined by Verizon. Users can track their packages on the appropriate company’s website, depending on whether they ship through FedEx, USPS or UPS. Refunds are issued after Verizon receives the returned product, and users are refunded by check, credit or account credit.