What Steps Are Involved in a PEO Sisterhood Initiation Ceremony?

While the P.E.O. Sisterhood is an invitation-only fellowship, they do not follow any sort of ritualistic behavior in their initiation ceremonies or meetings. Instead, new members are simply given a P.E.O. star upon initiation, which they may keep as long as their membership within the group is active.

The P.E.O. star gifted during initiation comes with paperwork called The P.E.O. Wish. New members fill out this paperwork and return it to their chapter president. It indicates whether or not the member would like the P.E.O. star buried with her at the time of her death. Members who opt not to be buried with their star must have their family return it to their chapter president after their death.

Potential P.E.O. Sisterhood members are first sponsored by at least three members of their local chapter. During the sponsorship, the member and the Sisterhood get to know each other,and the member learns the commitment expected and responsibilities required. After getting to know the potential member, current members may extend an invitation for her to join. If she accepts, she is now committed to the philanthropic mission of P.E.O. and is required to pay annual dues to remain an active member in the organization.