What Is a Steamship Round Cut of Beef?

A steamship round cut of beef is beef round with the rump cut off, a cheaper cut that can sit upright and be easily sliced. This type of cut weighs in at around 30 to 50 pounds and can serve many people, so it’s commonly used for buffets and catering purposes. Steamship rounds are useful for serving lots of people because they are very hefty amounts of meat and can be easily sliced to provide up to 300 servings.

A standard size steamship round can be cooked in an oven. The oven should first be preheated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and then left in to cook for about five hours. The beef should be placed in a deep-dish pan with water to help it maintain its moisture. Aluminum foil can be wrapped around it as well to make sure the heat evenly distributes through the meat. Some people also add cut up onions, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables to give more flavor to the beef. Before cooking, they may also add spices, salt and other additives to give the beef a better flavor.