Which States Offer Multistate CCW Reciprocity Gun Licensing?

As of January 2016, states that have concealed carry reciprocity agreements with multiple jurisdictions include Pennsylvania, Utah and Arizona, states Inpax. Other states with similar licensing covenants are Florida and Virginia, according to Guns-n-Gear LLC.

As of January 2016, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Maine and South Dakota, among other states, accept Pennsylvania concealed carry permits without imposing additional restrictions, reports the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association. In contrast, Florida, Virginia and Arizona honor the licenses only when the bearer is a resident of Pennsylvania, while North Dakota solely accepts Pennsylvania’s Class I concealed weapons permits. With the exception of Idaho, Vermont and, in certain cases, Utah, Pennsylvania accepts concealed carry licenses from virtually all U.S. states; the three jurisdictions, however, honor similar licenses from Pennsylvania.

Utah has written concealed carry reciprocity agreements with states that include North Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, Florida and Georgia, notes the Utah Department of Public Safety. Additional states having formal reciprocity agreements with Utah are Virginia, Louisiana and New Hampshire. States that include Kansas, Idaho and Kentucky accept concealed carry permits from Utah, although they lack reciprocity covenants with the state. California, Hawaii, New Mexico, New York and Oregon, among other states, do not honor Utah concealed weapon licenses.

Arizona has formal concealed carry reciprocity agreements with Idaho, Arkansas, Alabama and West Virginia, among other states, states the Arizona Department of Public Safety. However, with the exception of California, Washington, Vermont and 10 other states, most jurisdictions in the country accept Arizona concealed weapon licenses despite the lack of written reciprocity agreements.