In What States Is It Illegal to Drive Barefoot?

Contrary to common belief, it is not illegal to drive a car while barefooted in any state in the United States. In Alabama, a law requires people to wear shoes while driving a motorcycle. While not illegal, if it is determined that being barefoot was the cause of an accident, reckless driving may be added to any other charges resulting from the crash.

Some states recommend wearing some type of footwear while driving but do not require wearing footwear by law. A discarded shoe may slide around in the car’s footwell and become lodged underneath one of the pedals. If a shoe is trapped under the brake pedal, stopping the vehicle may become impossible. However, the driver may have an easier time pressing on the pedals when not wearing shoes, allowing for better control over speed and braking. Some types of shoes are actually dangerous to wear when driving. Thick heels or soles make it difficult for the driver to gauge the amount of pressure being exerted on the pedals. Shoes with slick soles may slip off the pedals. If a shoe is too tight or causes pain, wearing it while driving may become a distraction which can cause an accident.