Where Is the Starter Located in a Ford Explorer?

Brett Levin/CC-BY 2.0

The starter location in a Ford Explorer depends on the model year. In most engines, however, the starter can be found under the engine block, near the transmission.

Typically, the starter is located in a hard-to-reach area inside the engine block. In front engine cars such as the Explorer, the starter is somewhat buried under the engine, near the transmission. A diagram can be helpful in locating it. The truck’s manual may contain a diagram of the engine, with the starter marked. Car manuals such as the Haynes Manual supply diagrams as well as repair procedures for all makes and models of cars. Starters are sometimes found attached to the transmission bell housing. One way to locate the starter is to follow the battery cables. The negative cable connects the battery terminal to the engine block as a ground, but the positive cable connects directly to the starter solenoid.