How Do You Start a Car After You Have Run Out of Gas?


Restart a fuel-injected car after running out of gas by adding gasoline to the tank, pressing and holding the gas pedal to the floor, and turning the key. After starting, release the pedal to three-quarter pedal, and press it to the floor again to clear air from the lines.

  1. Add fuel to the tank

    Most vehicles require about 3 gallons of fuel to submerge the fuel pump. Have a friend sit on the rear bumper to help move the fuel to the back of the tank and cover the pump for easier starting.

  2. Press the accelerator pedal to the floor

    Starting the car with the throttle fully open helps to ensure the fuel injectors are open. This ensures the engine expels any air trapped in the fuel lines so the vehicle runs smoothly again.

  3. Turn the key

    Turn the key to start the car. It takes a few seconds for the fuel to reach the engine and for the vehicle to start. Once the engine starts, feather off the throttle and the press it to the floor again temporarily, to remove any remaining air. Release the throttle. Put the car in gear, and drive to a service station to fill the tank. Avoid running out of gas repeatedly to prevent damage to the fuel pump