Stars Who Underwent Incredible Weight Loss Transformations

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When it comes to weight, even Hollywood celebs don’t escape ridicule. Many stars have been criticized by the media — particularly snarky tabloid publications and social media sites — for their fluctuating figures over the years. Sadly, some celebrities stepped quietly out of the spotlight, never to be the subject of public adoration again, but others took all that negativity and rose above it to embark on a weight loss journey that prioritized health and wellness as well as a sleeker physique.

Ready to get some weight loss and lifestyle tips from attractive and talented entertainers like Adele, Christina Aguilera, Drew Carey and Oprah Winfrey? Let’s get started!

Meghan Trainor – 20 lbs Lost

When Meghan Trainor first hit the music scene, she became instantly famous for her catchy tune that focused on body positivity. “All About That Bass” was a huge success that catapulted Trainor to the top of the pop world.

Photo Courtesy: Meghan Trainor/YouTube; The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Everything changed for Trainor when she married Daryl Sabara, who reportedly taught her how to truly combine exercise with fun. She revealed she became totally addicted to the after-workout adrenaline, which contributed to her weight loss. Her true motivation came from the fact that she wanted to live longer. In her words, she wanted to stay forever young.

Kelly Osbourne – 20 lbs Lost

Kelly Osbourne always struggled with body image. She frequently gave in to emotional eating, which was detrimental to her health. Dancing with the Stars changed Osbourne’s life after her dance partner taught her everything she knows about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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Osbourne became committed to a workout routine and developed a healthier relationship with her food. Her biggest advice? When you feel full, stop eating! “It may have taken me 26 years to figure it out, but I’ve finally learned how to do it right.” Her weight loss transformation certainly looks great on her.

Kim Kardashian – 20 lbs Lost

Over the years, Kim Kardashian has shared plenty of tips on how she stays happy and healthy. Need a recap? Here they are! She is a huge advocate for a plant-based diet and — wait for it! — sea moss smoothies. She believes in treating herself when she has cravings but only in moderation.

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Kardashian is also a huge gym addict, often committing to an hour and a half in the gym per day. Her sweat sessions reportedly happen six times a week and include a post-workout meal that is typically full of simple carbs. Her favorite workouts are reportedly all about working the core.

Christina Aguilera – 30 lbs Lost

Christina Aguilera has been on an incredible health journey over the last decade. She revealed that stress from working in an intense industry contributed to her weight gain, so she took a break to focus on her wellness. The break has had a very positive impact on her lifestyle.

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Aguilera believes in practicing yoga for clarity, and she follows a healthy meal plan prepared by a fitness-focused food service. That’s right — her trick to sticking to a healthier diet is to have someone else manage her food. The iconic entertainer can certainly afford it, and her attention to her health has really paid off. The songstress always manages to look absolutely incredible!

Mariah Carey – 30 lbs Lost

Mariah Carey has definitely been a huge inspiration over the years when it comes to her singing career. Now, the singer has added to her ability to inspire her fans by adopting a very healthy lifestyle that helped her drop an impressive 30 lbs.

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Her secret? Consuming a lot of protein. The songstress said that 90% of losing weight comes back to following a healthy diet, which is why she regularly checks in with a nutritionist. She also reportedly cut out sugar and replaced it with healthier alternatives. For example, when she has cravings for chocolate, she eats fruit instead.

Jonah Hill – 40 lbs Lost

Jonah Hill has opened up about his body image issues plenty of times, revealing how stressful it is to maintain a healthy weight in the public eye. Throughout his career, Hill has gained weight, lost weight and gained it back plenty of times.

Photo Courtesy: Movieclips Classic Trailers/YouTube; The View/YouTube

After directing his own movie, Mid90s, he realized just how much he was affected by the weight criticism and unwarranted comments. In 2011, he decided to become more responsible for his lifestyle and correct his unhealthy diet. He commented that instead of doing emotional runs in his head, he started running physically instead.

Rebel Wilson – 40 lbs Lost

Rebel Wilson shocked everyone when she revealed she has lost 40 pounds in 2020. Way to stick to your New Year’s resolutions! Wilson said that 2020 will be her year, and she is off to a great start on making that happen. She started by hiring a personal trainer who helped her hold herself accountable.

Photo Courtesy: Conanco/TBS/IMDb; MTV International/Wikipedia

Along with doing cardio every single day, Wilson says that TRX has been a game-changer for her. “I use the TRX, as it focuses on using body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.” You go, girl!

Khloe Kardashian – 40 lbs Lost

Khloe’s changing weight has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Her figure has been the subject of many debates — Kris Jenner even said that her size hurt the family brand. Of course, this Kardashian sister fought back against her momager and refused to conform — at least for a time.

Photo Courtesy: Conan/IMDb; @KhloeKardashian/Twitter

After a rocky marriage, she decided to gain back control of her life. She started regularly going to a gym to work out, and that instantly resulted in shedding some pounds. She also admits that it’s hard to look at some of the old images of herself. Those photos take her back to memories of her previously unhealthy lifestyle.

Melissa Joan Hart – 40 lbs Lost

Melissa Joan Hart rose to popularity due to the iconic Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV show in the ’90s. She gained some weight in the years that followed the show, but in 2016, she wowed people with her healthy physique. Everyone wanted to know her weight loss secret. Hart is all about a healthy lifestyle, and she’s not afraid to show it.

Photo Courtesy: God’s Not Dead 2/IMDb; Bystander Revolution/YouTube

So how did she do it? She became a spokesperson for NutriSystem, a weight loss company that also focuses on food delivery. Her husband, Mark Wilkerson, was the inspiration behind her falling in love with fitness. The two began to work out together, and their fun routines are what keeps them motivated.

Snooki – 42 lbs Lost

The Jersey Shore star was nicknamed “meatball” during her years on the reality show — yes, even though she already had a nickname in Snooki. Fortunately, this meatball eventually left her intense drinking days behind her. Nicole Polizzi’s weight loss was noticeable on the show, and it became even more obvious after Jersey Shore officially wrapped.

Photo Courtesy: Jersey Shore/IMDb; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The popular reality TV star completely transformed her life by getting a personal trainer after she gave birth to her first baby. She said she followed a strict 1,300-calorie-a-day diet and worked out intensively four days a week. The results definitely showed — she also inspired co-star Deena Nicole to embark on a similar transformation.

DJ Khaled – 43 lbs Lost

If you were on Snapchat in the early days, you probably know that DJ Khaled was one of the biggest motivators on the platform. However, the true motivation came in 2018 when he showed off his pretty impressive weight loss.

Photo Courtesy: Meghan Roberts/Wikimedia Commons; Billboard/YouTube

For DJ Khaled, the secret to losing 43 pounds came back to focusing on having everything — but in moderation. He also signed up for Weight Watchers and hired a personal chef who makes sure he really sticks to his diet. On top of changing the foods he eats, he has been going to the gym for up to four days per week.

Charlotte Crosby – 44 lbs Lost

In the U.K., Charlotte Crosby is one of the most recognized reality TV stars of all time. After Geordie Shore, she quickly became the U.K.’s version of Nicole Polizzi. Much like Snooki, Crosby also struggled with weight, and she managed to go from a size 16 to a size 8.

Photo Courtesy: @CharlotteGShore/Twitter; Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Crosby committed to exercising every day and limiting her party days by only going out one day per week. “I’m feeling really happy and confident about my body at the moment. I’m actually the happiest I’ve been in a long time.”

Sam Smith – 50 lbs Lost

With 50 pounds lost, Sam Smith has had a dramatic body transformation. He revealed that body image issues have been the main reasons behind sadness in his life, and he admitted that he was bullied for it in school.

Photo Courtesy: SAM SMITH/YouTube; @Samsmith/Twitter

Smith has had an on-and-off relationship with food for years, and he hit the ultimate spiral in 2017. This prompted a drastic lifestyle change, which included getting a personal trainer and hitting the gym as often as possible. He also made it clear that self-acceptance is just as important, and loving yourself — no matter what — should always come first.

Wendy Williams – 50 lbs Lost

Wendy Williams has also been extremely open about her struggles with weight. The popular TV host has been in the spotlight for years — and so has her figure. She revealed that she has tried out a lot of fad diets but was unable to stick to a healthy routine for long.

Photo Courtesy: John Ricard/Getty Images; The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube

What truly worked for Williams was to take it slow and really focus on her health. She realized that nothing happens overnight and a healthy lifestyle takes time and dedication. “I go to the gym because it’s not about me losing weight at this point. It’s about me trying to fight heart disease.”

Jordin Sparks – 50 lbs Lost

Jordin Sparks’ weight loss journey took some time. She noted that it took around four months before she started seeing any noticeable changes. She stated that her health was a priority over her jeans size, and the key was to find exercises that she actually enjoyed doing.

Photo Courtesy: So You Think You Can Dance/IMDb; Deavanebersole/Wikimedia Commons

As for calorie counting, Sparks said she doesn’t focus on numbers. Instead, she eats intuitively, and the method has definitely worked for her. She also highlighted strength training and eating clean as two of the biggest game-changers in her life. Don’t forget about cardio — Sparks’ favorite is Zumba!

Zach Galifianakis – 50 lbs Lost

Jonah Hill isn’t the only star from The Hangover that managed to shed some significant weight in the last few years. Zach Galifianakis revealed that the best thing he did for his health was quit drinking.

Photo Courtesy: Dakota Pictures/IMDb; New Regency Pictures/IMDb

He also noted that he focused on eating mainly whole grains, and he gave up eating the types of tempting foods you see in food commercials and only sticks to eating the healthy stuff. The lifestyle change wasn’t just good for his health; it was good for his career. He stopped being typecast exclusively in “funny guy” roles and was able to grow as an actor.

Oprah Winfrey – 67 lbs Lost

Oprah Winfrey revealed that she was once at a high risk of developing diabetes. That health warning was what prompted a massive change in her lifestyle, including implementing a healthier diet and a workout regimen. She swears by the Weight Watchers program, which helped her lose an amazing amount of weight.

Photo Courtesy: aphrodite-in-nyc/Flickr; Alan Light/Wikimedia Commons

After following the lifestyle for more than four years, she confirmed that her blood pressure has stabilized, and her blood sugar levels are normal. She is healthy, happy and thriving. Winfrey also admitted she won’t’ allow herself to go over the weight of 200 pounds, as it would negatively affect her heart health.

Raven-Symoné – 70 lbs Lost

Raven revealed that she was pressured to lose weight and stay thin from an early age, despite her resolve to stick to her motto of being “thick and fabulous.” Her 2011 weight loss came as a huge surprise to fans, and Raven admitted that the motivation behind it was to pretty much shut up her haters.

Photo Courtesy: Raven’s Home/IMDb; The Heart Truth, Dan and Corina Lecca/Wikimedia Commons

She started hitting the gym regularly and committed to a healthier diet. The public quickly began noticing a change in her figure, and it definitely shut up the haters — at least on that topic. She told Oprah that as soon as she lost the weight, people started appreciating the “thick-girl season” more!

Kirstie Alley – 75 lbs Lost

Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley revealed that she never struggled with her weight during her younger days. That probably explains why she didn’t realize how bad things had gotten until she noticed how writers talked about her in the tabloids. Hint: It wasn’t pretty.

Photo Courtesy: A+E Networks/IMDb; TV Land/IMDb

She began losing serious weight in 2004, thanks to the Jenny Craig program, but she eventually gained it all back. She lost weight again when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars. After that, she began focusing on maintaining her weight and just ultimately feeling good. Today, she steers clear of her trigger foods. After all, self-love is what matters the most!

Melissa McCarthy – 75 lbs Lost

Melissa McCarthy is known for her relatable humor, but her changing lifestyle is also incredibly inspiring. She has always been open about her journey to better health, and her weight and her figure are frequent topics in gossip magazines. Over the years, McCarthy has been many different sizes.

Photo Courtesy: Conanco/TBS/IMDb; NBC/Getty Images

In true McCarthy style, she revealed the most relatable piece of advice for staying in shape — improve your exercise regimen and become really boring. “You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun and you go to bed at 7:30 — that’s the trick.” Was she joking or serious? It’s hard to say.

Jennifer Hudson – 80 lbs Lost

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss has been extremely impressive. The Oscar winner revealed that she previously struggled with mental health, specifically when it came to body image and food. “I used to deprive myself, thinking that was healthy.”

Photo Courtesy: Dancing with the Stars/IMDb; Kelsey McNeal/Getty Images

She was finally able to break free from that mindset when she joined Weight Watchers. The program taught her to not only lose weight but to do it in a healthy way by developing a better relationship with food. Hudson said she doesn’t have much time to work out, so she always just tries to watch what she eats.

Mo’Nique – 80 lbs Lost

Nineties babies definitely remember Mo’Nique! The good news is she’s still working and thriving today. In fact, she’s better than ever! Everyone knows the star had weight issues for years, but now she finally feels comfortable in her own skin.

Photo Courtesy: Thomas Attila Lewis/Wikimedia Commons; NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Her social media is full of inspirational workouts, but Mo’Nique credits healthy eating and believing in herself for most of her weight loss success. “For me, it was with no surgery, no pre-packaged foods, not listening to no spokespeople saying ‘it’s easy, you can do it.’ It was just putting in the work and not giving up on me.”

Drew Carey – 80 lbs Lost

Drew Carey and John Goodman have something in common. They inspired their millions of fans to start a healthier life journey and learn to take care of their bodies. In Carey’s case, his weight loss made him almost completely unrecognizable. Reportedly, even the red carpet press didn’t realize it was him after he dropped so many sizes!

Photo Courtesy: p_diddio/Wikimedia Commons; Mercy for Animals MFA/Wikimedia Commons

For Carey, the drastic change came after a huge health scare, including increasing risk of developing diabetes. He decided to commit to a new lifestyle for a whole year, and it worked like a charm. He swears by hard cardio exercises, and he refined his whole diet, which included cutting down on carbs.

John Goodman – 100 lbs Lost

Throughout his career, John Goodman has always been typecast as the “big guy.” From his role in Coyote Ugly to playing the dad in Roseanne, his roles definitely contributed to Goodman’s personal lifestyle.

Photo Courtesy: Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images; GQ/YouTube

However, in 2018, Goodman proved that he had turned over a new leaf when he revealed that he had lost 100 pounds. He went on a quest for a healthy lifestyle, and he definitely found it. He said he just got sick and tired of looking at himself in his previous state, so he took matters into his own hands. He accomplished the weight loss by focusing on exercise and, most importantly, portion control. It definitely paid off!

Roseanne Barr – 100 lbs Lost

Roseanne Barr’s weight loss journey is just as impressive as that of former co-star, John Goodman. This Hollywood celeb seems to constantly pop up in the news for her controversial views, so her journey to health has often been overlooked. Barr opted for gastric surgery to jump start her weight loss, it’s truly inspiring that she made other life changes to help her maintain it.

Photo Courtesy: Roseanne/IMDb; BG023/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

She focuses on moving more and believes that is the main reason she was able to stay healthy. “I just want to keep getting healthy and let go of excess baggage to carry around, so I’m lighter on my feet and in my life.”

Adele – 100 lbs Lost

Adele is one of the celebrities who recently made headlines for her incredible weight loss transformation. In fact, her new look was dramatically different and left everyone speechless. Her former personal trainer revealed that the songstress completely changed her diet after a difficult year.

Photo Courtesy: Adele/YouTube; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Although complete details of Adele’s weight loss remain a secret, that same trainer primarily credited common sense tactics like giving up sugar, fizzy drinks and processed foods as the reasons for the transformation. Of course, working out was also involved, and Adele indicated as much on one of her Instagram captions, where she noted she used to cry, but now she sweats instead.

Graham Elliot – 150 lbs Lost

Celebrity chef Graham Elliot made a staggering life transformation when he dropped 150 pounds off his original 400-pound weight. Being a chef constantly surrounded by delicious food makes it incredibly difficult to follow a healthy diet, but after years of being in the public eye, Elliot decided to take matters into his own hands and make a change.

Photo Courtesy: Masterchef/IMDb; Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

In an interview, he revealed, “I now look at food as fuel and focus on my protein intake. I’m in love with ‘pure’ flavors, things that are natural and delicious, minimally fussed with, that showcase the season. I combine that with portion control.”

Shonda Rhimes – 150 lbs Lost

And now for a look at a behind-the-scenes transformation at ABC, let’s take a look at the Emmy-winning producer Shonda Rhimes. The Grey’s Anatomy creator revealed that her shocking weight loss didn’t necessarily make her life a lot better — at least not in every way. In fact, when she noticed that people treated her differently, she didn’t like it at all.

Photo Courtesy: Mark Davis/Getty Images; TED/YouTube

It took Rhimes a year to get in shape, but she doesn’t like to talk about her impressive journey because of her experience with others. “After I lost weight, I discovered that people found me valuable. Worthy of conversation. A person one could look at. A person one could compliment. A person one could admire. A person.” She was not pleased.

Tina Malone – 168 lbs Lost

Tina Malone is another U.K. star whose weight has been a big subject of discussion over the years. After undergoing gastric surgery, Malone lost 168 pounds and adopted a new diet as well as a brand new exercise regimen to help maintain her weight.

Photo Courtesy: Zak Hussein/Getty Images; This Morning/YouTube

Her new lifestyle completely changed her life in more ways than one. That’s how she met her personal trainer — who became her husband in 2009. “It’s not what you eat; it’s how much you eat. I have seven meals a day.” She explained that it’s really all about nutrition and portion control.

Mama June – 215 lbs Lost

June Shannon, a.k.a. “Mama June,” became hugely popular after sharing the limelight with her daughter on Toddlers & Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The family’s dietary habits have been widely criticized, but Mama June saw it as an opportunity for another reality show.

Photo Courtesy: tlc uk/YouTube; WE tv/YouTube

In a documentary called Mama June: From Not to Hot, she revealed she underwent a gastric sleeve surgery that helped her drastically change her body. She also worked with a personal trainer and transitioned to a better diet. Her weight loss goal? She wanted to fit into a size 4 dress, go to her ex’s wedding and make him regret ever leaving her, of course.