What Is Standard Recovery Time After Cataract Surgery?

BSIP/UIG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Complete recovery from cataract surgery often occurs within eight weeks of the procedure, according to Mayo Clinic. Vision is typically blurry at first as the eye starts to heal, but it begins to improve the day after surgery.

Patients use eye drops for a few weeks after surgery to prevent infection and help with healing. A month after the surgery, patients begin wearing new glasses. This is when they achieve maximum improvement, notes WebMD. If both eyes require surgery, the surgeon waits a month or two before performing the second surgery so the first eye can fully heal.

A patient should contact his doctor right away if he experiences vision loss, light flashes, vomiting or pain that medication does not relieve. In general, cataract surgery is very safe; almost 98 percent of the surgeries have no serious complications, reports WebMD.