What Are the Standard Dimensions of a Dryer?

Standard dimensions of clothes dryers range from 27 to 29 inches in width, 36 to 44 inches in height, and 27 to 34 inches in depth. Smaller compact dryers are also available, in addition to combination appliances that combine washer and dryer functions.

Combination washer-dryers include laundry centers and all-in-one units. “Laundry center” is the common term for a stacked washer-dryer combination that is only as wide as a single appliance. All-in-one washer-dryers can both wash and dry clothes within the same drum.

Not surprisingly, there are trade-offs when saving space by choosing a nonstandard dryer. Kitchens.com reports that a drawback of the compact dryer is its smaller capacity, and, according to CNET, users do not always find that their clothes feel completely dry after drying in an all-in-one unit.