What Are Standard Computer Monitor Sizes?

Standard computer monitor sizes include 17, 20 , 24 and 27 inches, as of 2015. Monitors are typically between 15 and 34 inches, but monitors between 17 and 30 inches are the most common sizes.

Monitor measurements indicate the monitor’s diagonal length. Larger monitors tend to be more expensive. The size of the monitor determines the pixel density for the monitor resolution. Larger monitors are able to accommodate higher resolutions, leading to a higher quality image.

Monitors that have 22- or 23-inch screens and above are able to use a full high definition resolution. Monitors of these sizes also typically have more features, such as HDMI ports, than smaller monitors. Since 27-inch monitors are already able to use extremely high resolutions, they tend to be a better value than 30-inch monitors.

The correct monitor size varies depending on the user’s budget, the space around the computer and what the user does on the computer. Monitor prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so the user’s budget determines which monitors he can afford. Large monitors require more space, so there must be enough space around the computer to accommodate one. While a larger, high resolution monitor provides a high quality picture, the user may not need this. Users who watch movies or play video games on their computers benefit from high quality monitors, but those who only use computers for basic tasks are better off saving money.