What Are Standard Closet Dimensions?

The standard dimensions for a closet vary depending on the type and purpose of the closet, but a standard reach-in closet has a depth of 24 inches. There is no general standard width for closets, but many builders allow 48 inches of rod length per person using the closet.

A standard reach-in closet is designed to store shirts, slacks and dresses. These items generally fit on their hangers within the recommended 24 inches of depth used in many closets. A coat closet typically has a depth of 28 inches, which allows enough extra room to accommodate bulky coats and their hangers. Linen closets, filled with shelving, are generally have a depth of 16 inches.

As homes grow larger, closets grow also. It is not unusual to find double-length closets that have two doors at the entrance. Walk-in closets have no standard dimensions, but they instead tend to be designed around available space within the home.

Many closets also include shelving to maximize the storage space inside. Modular closet storage allows users to take advantage of the vertical space in a closet as well as the horizontal, and it is typically customized to fit an existing closet. Generally, master bedrooms have larger closets than the other bedrooms in a home.