Who Is Stacy York?

Stacy York is a popular bluegrass vocalist. She is known in the bluegrass community as “The Kentucky Songbird.” In the past, she appeared as a member of several traditional bluegrass bands, but she performs primarily solos and duets with her husband as of 2015.

York is a former solo performer and former member of various bluegrass bands including the Hazel Holler Girls, the Cumberland Highlanders and Mountain Bluegrass.

As of 2015, York primarily performs in duets with her husband, Joe Isaacs, who was also a member of the Cumberland Highlanders and Mountain Bluegrass. However, York remains a solo artist as well, and in 2007 she released her album “Kentucky in the Rain.”

Joe and Stacy were married in 2010 and perform together as Joe and Stacy Isaacs. They live in Kentucky. Stacy is Isaacs’ second wife.